Water filter dispenser NANO IP-290-3C RO



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  • Brand————————————————————–NanoFilter
  • Model Number ———————————————–IP-W291-3C RO
  • Type of dispenser —————————————– tabletop
  • Certificate————————————————— CE, RoHS, CB
  • Heating power / volume ————————– 550W / 5L/H, 85-95°C
  • Cooling power/volume ——————— 90W / 2L/H, 5-10°C
  • Corresponding voltage/frequency ———————————– 110-127V ~50/60Hz 220-240V ~50/60Hz
  • Body material ———————————————— Side panel stainless metal – 1 mm, 100% new ABS plastic
  • Compressor brand ——————————————– Asbeila/ Danfu/ Anuodan/ LG
  • Water tank material standard —————– SS304
  • Volume of hot tank ———————————– 1.4 l
  • The volume of the cold tank —————————————– 3.2 l
  • 3 or 4 stage filter system ——————— PPF+CTO+RO+T33
  • Color —————————————————————————————— Black
  • Package size ———————————————–48*33*56 cm

Filter dispenser NANO IP-291-3C RO provides clean water everywhere and in unlimited quantities. Used in apartments, private homes, offices, fitness centers, government agencies, etc.

The dispenser is directly connected to the water supply, it can be placed both near the water supply and at a distance of up to 200 m.

The dispenser kills the deep cleaning of water. In addition, its operation and maintenance is much cheaper than servicing a cooler.

The main advantage of the dispenser is a convenient interface and easy maintenance. The system controls the temperature of hot and cold water. In addition, there is an anti-leakage valve, it also provides protection against overheating and is safe for children.