Nano Filter • წყლის ფილტრები

Company LTD „NANOFILTER“has been actively working in the field of water supply and sewerage in the Georgian market since 2012.

Company "NANO PRODUCT" Ltd has been working together with foreign partners for designing and installation of household, as well as municipal, various productivity, water treatment and wastewater systems. The company offers ecologically clean, high-tech systems, water optimization and economy. “NANO PRODUCT” provides not only the determination and differentiation of water quality (for various purposes), but also the ecological issues related to this field (surface water pollution and soil pollution problem - waste water filtration and etc.), taking into consideration new trends in water management.

In the modern world, amid concerns of natural disasters or human factors, more and more attention is paid to the environment. The right of the user - to have uninterrupted access to clean water, thereby obliging to take care of the environment, including so-called "Wastewater" in the direction of strict control. Moreover, Georgia's European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) directly demands it. Among the commitments taken by Georgia within the framework of the European Neighborhood Policy is one of the priorities of water management and related issues - in particular, the EU-Georgia Action Plan, one of the main issues in the field of environmental protection, the quality of water, is the framework of the framework legislation.

In the field of water supply offers the following directions:

  • Municipal
  • Industry
  • Theoretical science
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Household
  • Pools and fountains
  • Wastewater filtration.

Our partner in water preparation systems:

- Austrian company Best Water Technology (BWT), which has been leading in the European market for 25 years. The projects implemented are: Moscow's office center "МОСКВА-СИТИ", SGBT (Azerbaijan) and many other projects that you can see on the company's website (

- The company AQUAPHOR, which is in the world's leading position in the household water filter segment. Among the projects implemented are: COLGATE, Medicine and Pharmaceutics «Профит Мед», St. Petersburg water tank «Wodokanal» and many other objects.

- As for the sewerage systems, our partner in this field is TOPOL-ECOwhich has been working in designing and manufacturing high quality filtration systems for the last 15 years. It has its own complete cycle production, where high-level specialists work. Also Russian company NVK and Czech company ASIO. 

Our company owns a permit (form # 4) on the state secret about access to a legal entity.

In cooperation, highly qualified staff of NanoFilterLTD will help you solve all the tasks that are currently in the management of water resources.

 Take care of the environment and the future!

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