Reverse vacuum water purification system BWT BARRIER Compact OSMO 100 M



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Deep cleaning and mineralization of drinking tap water from centralized water supply systems. Enriches water with calcium, magnesium and silicon.
The first three-stage reverse osmosis system BWT BARRIER is equivalent in efficiency to the classic 5-stage osmosis.

Two types of water from one tap:

  • Osmotic - for kitchen, household appliances;
  • Mineralized - for drinking.

Advantages of BARRIER Compact OSMO 100 M:

  • compact system;
  • OneTouch technology – convenient and quick replacement of cartridges with one hand;
  • Innovative patented technology "Polycarbon 2 in 1" - mechanical cleaning while maintaining the sorption properties of coal throughout its resource;
  • High quality 100 gallon membrane;
  • metal tank 12 l;
  • Includes a unique 2-way faucet.

Composition of water purifier:

Stage 1: Compact Polycarbonate 2 in 1.
Patented technology that combines two fundamentally different methods of water purification in one body: mechanical and sorption. The outer layer is sprayed polypropylene, which creates a resource intensive layer of 5 micron insoluble particles. The inner layer is a solid state dense carbon block made from a specially formulated mixture of activated coconut carbon and removes chlorine, organic compounds, odors and tastes from the water.
Resource: 5000 liters. Depends on the initial water quality.

Stage 2: Compact RO 100.
The high-quality reverse osmosis membrane is made of thin-film polyamide composite. It cleans water from impurities at the molecular level, passing it under pressure through the smallest pores, which allows cleaning of various salts, chlorides, fluorides, sulfates, nitrates, metal ions, high molecular organic compounds. microorganisms.
Resource: 5000 liters. Depends on the initial water quality.

Stage 3: compact carbomineral.
The filter element enriches the water with healthy magnesium, calcium and silicon. Returns the water to a physiologically complete state after reverse osmosis (desalination) purification.
Resource: 1000 liters. Depends on the initial water quality.

One BWT BARRIER reverse osmosis filter helps protect the planet from several hundred kilograms of plastic per year.