Wastewater septic tank TOPAS-C 6


ხელმისაწვდომია წინასწარი შეკვეთისათვის


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  • Production 1,15 m3 / 24 s
  • Number of users is 6 people
  • Depth of pipe layout 40-80 cm
  • The volume of the single commission is 250 liters
  • Power consumption 1,5 kW * 24 s

If 6 people live in your country house, cottage or cottage, you can use the device TOPAS-C 6. This is an autonomous sewerage system, designed for daily or seasonal use. Maximum simultaneous wastewater intake is 250 L. The degree of purification - 98%.

TOPAS-C 6 - Aeration unit for wastewater treatment (sewerage) in the absence of central sewerage. The mechanism of action of the device is based on the method of deep biological purification. The water obtained can be used to irrigate the lawn or trees. Once every 3-4 months the recycled waste is removed from the station by means of a pump, collected in a pit and then possibly used as fertilizer.

TOPAS-C 6 is made of polypropylene. This material is quite solid and corrosion resistant. TOPAS-C 6 can be installed in any groundwater and soil conditions.

When purchasing a TOPAS-C 6, you will have the issue of wastewater treatment resolved for many years to come.