The company "ТОПОЛ-ЭКО" improves the quality of life of people living outside of the metropolis. The company's specialists create products that enable us to organize the autonomous sewage system that produces household waste water. Autonomous sewer systems of "ТОПОЛ-ЭКО" are working effectively where there is no possibility of withdrawal of centralized communications. We have achieved high results, improving the quality of everyday products, using new technologies, using science and technology achievements.


Company «ТОПОЛ-ЭКО» products are designed to clean the wastewater in the following directions:

  • Individual cleaning facilities TOPAS, ТОПАС-С, ТОПБИО и ТОПАЭРО, intended for separately taken from a country house, hotel or a small group of houses wastewater. 
  • Complex purification facilities ТОПАЭРО-М, ТОПАЭРО-М / Е и ТОПГЛОБАЛ, is intended for clearing waters of the large group of houses, cottage settlements and the whole city. 
  • Specialized treatment facilities for thermoplastics, towel-tube 
  • Galvanic volume units, galvanic doses and etc.

Modern equipment from advanced world manufacturers allow us to increase the quality of cleaning facilities and acceleration speed.

Implementation of the full range of works - from the preparation of design estimates and the production of treatment plants to service maintenance - GC "TOPOL-ECO" builds a logical and harmonious sewage treatment system for customers of any level.