Water filtration system is essential for both apartments and countryside homes. Water, which is derived from wells or city pipelines, is often incompatible with the operating standards of chemical and organoleptic data. Therefore, before consumption, additional water filtration is necessary to disinfect. The company BWT offers a profitable solution to the owners of apartments and country houses - effective and reliable water treatment systems for home.

Water treatment systems for cottages

It is considered that the breeze is so deep that the water is clean. But that's not right. In deep depths the water contains a large amount of salt and other impurities. Water treatment system should include the following important steps for cottages:

  • Mechanical filtration. Grid filters remove water from all foreign impurities and ensure safe operation of the equipment.
  • To soften. This is used for modern ionizing filters and reverse applications.
  • Removal of organic substances Sororic filters remove water from the scent and add transparency.
  • Iron and manganese edition. Protects against corrosion and removes unpleasant metallic taste.
  • UF disinfection. Safe and effective method to remove bacteria.

Company BWT offers apartments and cottages owners in individual, multi-stage, complex solutions in the field of water treatment.