Wastewater septic tank TOPAS-C 8


ხელმისაწვდომია წინასწარი შეკვეთისათვის


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  • Production 1,5 m3 / 24 s
  • Number of users is 5-8 people
  • Depth of pipe layout 40-80 cm
  • The volume of the single commission is 440 liters
  • Power consumption 1,5 kW * 24 s
  • Weight 350 kg
  • Dimensions 1.63 / 1.17 / 2.5

The group of companies "TOPOL-EKO" manufactures and sells wastewater (sewage) treatment plants for sewer systems in country houses. Cleaning quality up to 98% The compact dimensions of the machine allow us to place it in a small space. The body of the machine is distinguished by high strength and tightness. Which prevents the formation of unpleasant odors. The device "TOPAS-C 8" is completely safe for humans and the environment. Purified water has no color and odor, can be used for irrigation and technical purposes. TOPAS-C 8 »systems are distinguished by reliability and long service life.

Autonomous sewerage (sewage) «TOPAS-C 8» »- these are:

  • High quality wastewater treatment (up to 98%);
  • Robust and solid compact body made of high quality polypropylene;
  • Easy installation anywhere and any year;
  • Complete ecological safety, no unpleasant odors;
  • Easy service;
  • Clean technical water and stabilized waste at the exit;
  • Shelf life more than 50 years.

Installation "TOPAS-C 8" - this is the right decision when arranging a sewer in a country house.