Wastewater septic tank TOPAS-C 5


ხელმისაწვდომია წინასწარი შეკვეთისათვის


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  • Production 1 m3 / 24 s
  • Number of users is 3-5 people
  • Depth of pipe layout 40-80 cm
  • The volume of the single commission is 220 liters
  • Power consumption 1,5 kW * 24 s

Any cottage or country house, as well as a building without access to sewerage, should be equipped with local wastewater treatment systems. Classic septic tanks deal with this problem only in part because they are not fully autonomous and require full control of the work. The only correct solution in this case would be to use a TOPAS-C 5 wastewater treatment plant.

Our solution for wastewater treatment can be considered the best by considering the following criteria:

  • High quality water purification
  • Independence from operating conditions;
  • Available service.

Biological treatment Individual system TOPAS-C 5, 98% treats wastewater without harming the environment. Already treated water can be collected in a separate reservoir and used for various household taps.