Wastewater septic tank TOPAERO 3


ხელმისაწვდომია წინასწარი შეკვეთისათვის


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  • Production 3.0 m3 / 24 s
  • Number of users is 10-15 people
  • მილის განლაგების სიღრმე 45-85 სმ
  • Uniform discharge volume 1025 l
  • Power consumption 5.0 kW * 24 s
  • Weight 605 kg
  • Dimensions 2,4 / 1,2 / 2,5

Wastewater treatment plants "TOPAERO" - this is a unique technological and construction solution of "TOPOL-EKO" engineers. The technology has proven its effectiveness in applications for many years. Machines of this brand are successfully used in various mass facilities:

  • In their own homes and cottages;
  • In office and administrative buildings;
  • In hotels and socio-cultural institutions, etc.

The unit provides quality wastewater treatment (98%).

Advantages of "TOPAERO 3"

Installations like those of other manufacturers often do not provide a uniform volume of wastewater discharge, which worsens the sanitary-hygienic condition of the facility and becomes the cause of the device leaving the pile. TOPOL-EKO specialists solved this problem and new technology was used in the biological treatment plant TOPAERO-3.

The structural feature of this machine is the so-called sediment. It has a special corridor that prevents precipitation. This ensures improved purified water quality. The specific technology is unique and the company has its own patents.