Replaceable cartridge AQUAPHOR MAXFOR+ (2 pcs)



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  • Packaging - 2 pcs
  • Resource 200 l
  • Changed once every 1-3 months, depending on consumption

Provides additional purification of drinking water from such harmful impurities as:

  • Chlorine and unpleasant smell and taste caused by it
  • Mechanical particles (sill, sand, rust)
  • Heavy metals
  • Iron
  • Hardness salts
  • Pesticides
  • Petroleum products

Fits certain models of AQUAPHOR brand

MAXFOR+ contains Aqualen™, a patented ion exchange fiber with 33 times the surface area of conventional ion exchange materials used in water filters. In combination with the extra-fine high-density carbon absorbent, it provides an exceptionally high cleaning effect. Aqualen™ irreversibly binds heavy metal ions including lead, iron, silver water and radioactive isotopes.

The shape of MAXFOR+ is universal and fits other brands of water jugs from EU, UK and US manufacturers.