BWT AQA Pro 20 water dispenser with a modern, attractive design. The body is made of high quality plastic, easy and hygienic to use. In addition, the dispenser can be installed anywhere. It can be your office, restaurant, country house or apartment. In addition, you can easily choose what kind of water you want to drink: cold, hot, carbonated or room temperature. It all depends on your desire.

Dispenser models:
Dispenser Pro 20 HCA – this dispenser model is perfect for those who want to always have cold, room temperature or hot water.
The Pro 20 HCS dispenser is an excellent model that will allow you to enjoy cold, hot or sparkling water 24/7

Regardless of the model and what kind of water you want to drink, the water is enriched with a valuable element - magnesium. This is possible thanks to the patented BWT Magnesium Mineralized technology.


– Safety with UV lamps
- Easy installation on the water supply system
– drip collector with drainage connection
BWT Magnesium Mineralized water enrichment technology
- Easy to use
– Four different types of water for your taste
– Built-in cup holder in the floor stand