One of the BWT's directions is the development of water-efficient systems for industrial enterprises of different sectors. Water is consumed in virtually all industries, and its quality is high demand, and BWT's systems are the best solution because we are already working hard with large enterprises.

Convention BWT offers modern engineering solutions for food, pharmaceutical and energy industries, water treatment systems for basins, and equipment for many other industries. A great selection of techniques allows us to choose the appropriate decision for any enterprise. Systems performance varies from 10 L / L to 1000 L / L. BWT offers clients a modern complex approach to solving industrial water and water filtration issues.

BWT სთავაზობს კლიენტებს თანამედროვე კომპლექსურ მიდგომას საწარმოო წყალმომზადების და წყლის ფილტრაციის საკითხების გადასაწყვეტად.

  • Selection of engineering solutions. Our specialists will select the optimal filtration systems for any enterprise.
  • Wide range of equipment. We offer modern industrial water filters that provide high quality cleaning, it will fully meet the requirements of the customer.
  • Qualified installation of water treatment systems. Professional installation is a guarantee of long-term stable operation of the system and high efficiency of industrial water treatment. For installation, pipes and fittings made of modern polymeric materials are used.
  • Service maintenance of installed equipment. Preventive and repair work ensures its long service life, it will always be ready for operation.

Our customers are offered a full cycle of turnkey works, installation work is carried out by qualified employees according to European standards. We work on permanent terms with several of the largest European manufacturers of plastic pipes and fittings, including such companies as Praher Plastics, Comer s.p.a, LA.RE.TER. Spa", "AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH" and many others. All equipment has been certified and confirmed compliance with the high quality standards of ISO 9001, as well as all sanitary standards.

Types of industrial filters and filtering equipment

  • Fiberglass filter, self-recharge function, removal of solid non-invasive impurities.
  • Water softening equipment prevents the formation of borrowing
  • Sororic filter, used in activated charcoal, removes unpleasant odors and adds transparency.
  • Manganese and iron ore filter
  • UF disinfection equipment, water microbiological cleansing